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Call/text: 413-282-PORT (7678)


Opening for the season on June 17, 2017!

We make reservations for 9am, 11am, or 1pm.
Reservations are required but free to make and same day reservations are usually available!
Please contact us for alternate reservation times if one of these times won't work for you.


617 Hoosac Road, Conway, MA

Please contact us should you require driving directions.

Reservation requests; questions; comments?
Please use the contact form below

Contact Form (please leave space blank if it does not apply to your group. Thanks!)

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Preferred float date:  

Preferred float time: 9am, 11am, 1pm or 2:30pm? 

Number of adults for full-service float (includes tubes & transport; $55 per person flat fee) 

Number of youth ages 7-17 for full-service float (includes tubes & transport; $45 per youth flat fee) 

Number of children ages 5 & 6 under full-service float (includes tubes & transport; $45 per under 6 youth flat fee; CHILD MUST BE ABLE TO TREAD WATER & DOGGY PADDLE WITHOUT THE AID OF A LIFEJACKET!!! REQUIRES SPECIAL PERMISSION FROM DRP STAFF!!!) 

Does everyone know how to swim? 

Have you ever floated with us before? 

JUST NEED TUBES??? Quantity of RENTAL TUBES ONLY required (THIS IS ONLY if you are just renting our equipment and providing your own transportation!!!) $30 fee plus a $20 refundable deposit per each rental tube. 

JUST NEED TRANSPORT??? How many TRANSPORT ONLY passengers? $35 fee per person (THIS IS ONLY if you have your own equipment and just need transportation!!!) 

JUST NEED PARKING??? $20 recommended donation to Friends of Megan Animal Rescue. 

Is this a special occasion? What type? 

Other questions or concerns? 

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