Deerfield River Portage

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Meet up/pickup Address for GPS - 
 To be announced soon. 

(You must make a reservation 
so that you can be met.) 

The 2014 season is almost upon us.
We will be open for business 

May 20th 2014. 

We are accepting reservations and inquiries

You bring the picnic cooler and the sunscreen - we provide the tubes and transportation.  3.5 miles of river quiet - Our goal is to make river inner tubing easy for you. 

Wedding in the plans? Bachelor/ bachelorette party? Camp group? Visitors from afar or friends just getting together - Small or large groups welcome.  

Do you want to go lazy river tubing? 
       We are the solution to the inner tube and two car problem.... Contact Us

-- About the river -- 

The tubing trip ----In a canyon - Bardwell's Ferry Bridge  to Stillwater bridge -- 3.5 miles of Pristine river 

 Just you, the river and your friends on 3.5 miles of lazy river in a gorge- 4 mild rapids, several deep holes, a fisherman or two, no release time, no noise, not a lot of people, no houses, some cliffs and maybe some rope swings and maybe a bald eagle or two.

There are no life guards - safety on the river is your responsibility. 
Water levels are dependent on rain - there are some areas that can be shallow - you might have to walk  (water shoes are suggested).  After heavy rains  the river can reach flood levels. 
The portage service - if you have your own equipment and require a portage service we can help you out - Please call or email for details.
We portage to Bardwell's ferry Bridge, Stillwater, Greenfield, Sunderland and Red Rocks in Hatfield. 

Who we are and what we do -- 

We provide a solution to the inner tubes and the two car shuffle problem. And we portage for people with their own equipment. 

Deerfield River Portage is an outfitter and a portage service.  We provide inner tubes, sell tubes, provide a tube for your cooler and transport your party to the put in point. We also are able to portage you and your water craft. 
Our customers - friends, couples, families, birthdays, a date, bachelor/bachelorette groups, reunions, clubs  - you.  
We are family, young, old, LGBT and canine friendly.  
Canoe? Kayak? We can provide a driver/guide.
Please remember you are responsible for yourself and all your belongings while on the river. Wool stays warm when you are wet. Rivers can be dangerous places, there are rocks, unseen hazards in the water and there are no life guards. Safe river practices recommended by the Massachusetts Environmental Police include knowing how to swim, wearing of River shoes (not flip flops) and doning life vests.  

--Here's how it works --  

  • Choose your trip and the date you want to go.
  • Contact Us with your request email or  text/ call 413-282-7678. 
  • The day of your adventure we meet you (Meeting point is still under negotiation)
  • We provide all the inner tubes you have requested.  You bring a picnic in your cooler, the sunscreen and the river shoes. 
  • We provide a tube for you and a cooler for your cooler. 
  • We give you a ride to the put in point. 
  • You float down the river and we meet you at the take out point and bring you back to your car. 
All you have to do is show up with your picnic and we take care of the rest. 
  • We ask that you Please be aware of your trash footprint.  We will take your trash and recyclables. Glass is not recommended.  
  • Big groups, special occasions, Kayak/ Canoe - Contact Us text/ call 413-282-7678 and we will work with you. 
 Thank you. 
Directions and Address for GPS users -

Meetup/ pickup location is  presently being negotiated.  

3.5 miles of pristine, undeveloped, natural river.  2 hours west of Boston Massachusetts, and 1.5 hours north of Hardford, Connecticut. The Deerfield River is a true gem. River tubing down the river is a great way to enjoy it.  There is no development along this part  of the river so there are opportunities to view pristine forest and wildlife. 
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